Scottish Google Map Legend (Highlands & Islands)


This Google Map Legend includes all of the need-to-know coordinates within our Scottish Highlands and Islands:

  • Awesome Wild Camping Park-Ups
  • Best Walks, Viewpoints, Beaches, and Bucket List Locations
  • Van Life Facilities (Fresh Water, Laundrettes & Showers)
  • Katie’s Favourites Places
  • Relevant Links to Online Travel Guides
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This Scottish Google Map Legend includes lifetime access to the bucket list spots, top park-ups and van life facilities on a map of the Scottish Highlands and Islands… They are the locations you will need at the touch of your fingertips!

This is the ultimate tool to help you plan an epic Scottish adventure or an unbeatable North Coast 500 route and itinerary.

Where best to learn about ALL of the hotspots and hidden gems than from a local Highlander herself? This Google Map is an accumulation of my knowledge from childhood experiences, teenage hiking excursions, car camping weekends, and my most recent road trips as a full-time van lifer in Scotland.

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(5) Campsites, and any facilities within, are not included.
(6) Orkney, Shetland, Islay, Jura and Arran will be added in the future, but are not included at this time.

This Scottish Google Map Legend Includes:

  • North Coast 500 Route
  • Exact Coordinates to Bucket List Locations
  • Awesome Wild Camping Park-Ups
  • Best Walks, Viewpoints, Beaches and Activities
  • Van Life Facilities (Fresh Water, Laundrettes & Showers)
  • Katie’s Favourites Places
  • Top Eateries for Coffee, Brunch, and Dinner
  • Spots for a Possible Highland Coo Sighting
  • Relevant Links to Online Travel Guides

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  1. Absolutely invaluable information contained in this map, it helped us to plan our trip along the Hebridean way, providing info on places to stay, eat, fun activities and much more, customer service is also top notch!! Thanks so much for your time and effort in making this Katie!!

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