Campervan Wiring Diagram: Van Conversion Schematic


This Wiring Diagram Purchase Includes:

  • A High-Resolution Printable File (10 Pages)
  • Chart of Every Cable Size
  • Direct Links to the Products

A Quick Summary of the Electrical System:

  • Solar Panels & Alternator
  • Shore Power Hook-Up
  • Integrated 12V & 230V System
  • Bluetooth Monitoring
  • Powers an Induction Hob

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. Save yourself the headache with a ready-made campervan wiring diagram. This straightforward, no-nonsense schematic also includes a full list of the exact components with links to product pages so absolutely no time is wasted shopping for the correct parts.

This wiring diagram is digital and printable, so you can review specifics on your phone or have a print-out to cross-check connections from inside your campervan.


  1. Refunds cannot be made due to the nature of digital products being immediately accessible upon purchase.
  2. The schematic has not been designed by a qualified electrician. Therefore, these suggestions should simply be taken as advice from one fellow van lifer to the next.
  3. The information within this purchase is tailored to British products, though the principles would remain the same for other nations.

This Van Conversion Electrical Diagram Includes:

  • High-Resolution Printable File (PDF)
  • Parts List with Direct Links to the Exact Products

An Overview of the Electrical System:

  • MultiPlus Inverter & Charger (1600VA)
  • Solar Panels (320W)
  • Battery-to-Battery Charger (60A)
  • Shore Power Hook-Up

An estimated cost breakdown of the entire electrical setup can be read here.

If you have any questions before or after your purchase, then please send a message!

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